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Since 2016, Tumi and Waves for Water supported together over ten humanitarian projects. In the beginning of 2019, Tumi has invited a group of carefully chosen influencers who share the brand social commitment to implement 100 water filters in Langrug, South African community where a third of the inhabitants had no access to clean water.

This September, the TUMI Crew continued the mission in Nepal where the influencers did a trek to bring water filters to the remote areas in top of the mountains. To bring this project further, TUMI joined 1% for Planet to support W4W activities

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Waves for water

Tumi joined 1% For the Planet committing to donate 1% of the Recycled Capsule annual sales to support Waves For Water activities.

Travel Meaningfully – wear durable products in respect with the environment and contribute to a better life!

Since 2016 TUMI and Waves For Water have worked closely together to provide access to clean water to people in need.

The goal is simple - providing access to clean water using water filtration systems, bore-hole wells, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Waves for water
Recycled capsule
Recycled capsule

Tumi remains committed to pushing beyond the industry’s limits and offering quality, innovation and sustainability to the customer. With the Recycled Capsule, the brand has found a balance of recycled and virgin materials, thus bringing a bag made from 70% recycled content to market that will support and endure the customer’s journey.

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Marco Fantini

Marco Fantini is an Italian professional model and passionate basketball lover.

He is a husband and father, splitting his time between the red carpet career and the playgrounds with his two amazing kids, the kitchen keeping the “pasta” culture alive and the numerous catwalks.

Marco Fantini

Elyette Mo

Elyette Mo is a French fashion influencer, inspired by the Gypset lifestyle.

 A young and creative bohemian who loves to travel with style, discover the world and learn from different cultures.

Elyette Mo

Gwilym Pugh

Gwilym Pughis a musician, activist and model.

 His community engages with his curated reportage on his interests in outdoor pursuits, exploration, global travel and ethical investments.

Gwilym Pughis

Mr. Goodlife

Mr.goodlife is the publisher of the digital lifestyle publication, owner of a digital agency and content creator.

 He remains anonymous in order to focus on the core messages of this work : motivation, personal development, success and the good and beautiful things in life.

Mr. Goodlife

Raphaël Simacourbe

Raphaël Simacourbe is a French photographer, model and lifestyle influencer.

He is the founder and creator behind the men clothing brand Insimaparis. He shares with his community his passion for fashion and travel.

Raphaël Simacourbe

Javier de Miguel

Javier de Miguel is a Spanish lifestyle influencer.

A professional model who is now building a social community with which he enjoys sharing his environmental values and travel experiences.

Javier de Miguel

Sascha "Gotti" Gottschalk

Sascha “Gotti” Gottschalk is a German traveler expert and professional bodybuilder.

Besides his social media appearance he is the founder and production manager of the biggest online community for filmmakers in Europe - Filmemacher Deutschland and the NGO Life All Stars.